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“Scientific and technical innovation is thestrategic foundation of improvement on society production and comprehensive national strength”, defined at the 18th National People’s Congress of thePeople’s Republic of China. Which means that “scientific and technical innovation” shall be the core drivingwheel in the future development of China’s economy, new high-tech enterprisesshall embrace a unprecedented development space. So does the investment on newhigh-tech field.

According to recent reports, China issliding into a recession. The one and only way to step up is innovation, whichshall enhance the quality of the economy increase and promote thetransformation of the economy development.

Nowadays, the development of new high-tech industry in China is very fast, the added value of the field remains a double digit. But smalland medium-sized enterprises has always encountered financing difficulty for avery long time, which hinders their achievements conversion and furtherdevelopment.

“Innovation” has become the new subject oftime. As a professional investment company, we shall take the advantage of thecountry’s development momentum and invest toward the future direction of China.