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Mr. Wu Mingxiao  Chairman of President Committee

Mr. Wu is a well-known investor in Chinawho is an expert at ST stock investment. Mr. Wu has formed a unique investment wisdomlocally and globally, and he has a keen insight on macroeconomic situation. Mr.Wu exercises a marvelous performance at the portfolio investment, and collectedplentiful success experience during the time. Mr. Wu is the founder of ShanghaiGM Investment Management Co., Ltd.


Mr. Fang Gang  Macro Economic Research Consultant

With 23 years of experience in economicmanagement, Mr. Fang has taken charge projects like National Social Science Fundand Beijing Social Science Fund. Mr. Fang has long engaged in industry andcorporate research, and has a deep understanding about corporate governance,financial management, mergers and reorganization, overseas listing, etc.investment and financing have deep understanding. Mr. Fang was general managerassistant at CITIC Yulian Enterprise Management Co., Ltd and CITIC DamengMining Industries Limited, and has acquired the qualification of secretary ofthe board of directors of the listing Corporation.


Mr. Ou Xiaobin  High-tech Industry Consultant

With 11 years’ of industry experience, Mr.Ou is specialized in real estate and high-tech related investment andfinancing. As of right now, Mr. Ou has provided more than 20 enterprises andmunicipal departments with intellectual property strategy and technologyconsulting services, and has industrialized more than 100 scientific findingsdeveloped by Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). Mr. Ou is an expert intechnology consulting, intellectual property strategy design, and project investingand financing. Mr. Ou was the deputy director of Beijing National TechnologyTransfer Center of CAS; standing vice president of Rundi Investment Group Inc.Mr. Ou was granted the engineering doctor degree and management science andEngineering post-doctor degree by the University of Chinese Academy ofSciences.


Mr. Meng Tiejun  New Energy Resource Industry Consultant

Mr. Meng has been engaged in new energyindustry for 15 years, and was granted a doctor degree of physics by Universityof Cambirdge. Mr. Meng is versed in manufacturing solar power pool and powerplant construction, distributed generation and energy storage battery, electriccars, and other fields, he has a deep insights in new energy technologydevelopment trends and market prospects. Mr. Meng has handled thin film solarcells and energy storage battery research at many universities in the UnitedStates, who is now a scientist works in the world's largest chemical enterprise.


Mr. Kong Fei  New Energy Resource Industry Consultant

Mr. Meng possesses five years of experiencein the energy industry, and was granted a doctor degree of electrical by Universityof Cambirdge. Mr. Kong has a well and truly awareness about developmentdirection of domestic energy industry, at the same time, he has rich experienceat new energy industry, gas industry, new energy vehicles, as well as traditionalpower generation industry. Mr. Meng has gained Tsinghua university postdoctoralexperience, and now is working at a state-owned research institute engaging inenergy industry research.


Mr. Nei Zanxiang  New Energy Resource Industry Consultant

Mr. Nei also possesses five years of experiencein the energy industry, and was granted a doctor degree of electrical by Universityof Cambirdge. The wave-generator he designed during his doctoral period wasconverted into product by an English resource company. Mr. Nei was worked atTsinghua University researching energy storage, electronic and superconducttechnology, during the time Mr. Nei issued 21 academic articles, obtained 6national patent of invention, 2 national fund project, 1 internationalcooperation fund project, and participated in 1 Ministry of Science andTechnology of the PRC.


Mr. Li Dong  TMT Industry Consultant

Mr. Li has spent 10 years working in mechanicalengineering industry, and was granted a doctor degree of CAD-Computer Aided Designby University of Southampton. Mr. Li is an expert at engineering design,manufacturing, and high-speed rail related equipment, and is also experiencedat GM and Rolls-Royce automobile research. Mr. Li now serves as an engineer atan international railway equipment company located in London.


Mr. Zhou Feng  TMT Industry Consultant

Mr. Zhou has been worked at 500 tops of theworld for more than 10 years, and was granted a master degree of computerscience and technology by University of Cambirdge. Mr. Zhou is skilled atinternet product, digitalizing marketing and e-commerce. Mr. Zhou has worked inHP China, and dealt with website design, e-commerce product research, andmarketing of Asia-Pacific personal consumption product digitalization.


Mrs. He Kangjing  TMT Industry Consultant

Mrs. He has more than 10 years of workexperience at traffic planning area, and was granted a doctoral degree oftraffic planning by University of Southampton, a master degree of engineeringby University of Cambirdge. Mrs. He is experienced at traffic policy, municipaltraffic planning, high-speed rail, and new energy vehicle research, and tookpart in Olympic traffic planning project as traffic consultant of London OlympicOrganizing Committee. Mrs. He is now serving as a senior consultant atmultinational traffic planning enterprise in London.


Mrs. Zhang Nian   Energy&EP Consultant

Mrs. Zhang has been worked in the area of environmentalprotection for 8 years, and was granted a master degree by University ofCambirdge. Mrs. Zhang is an expert at the area, and renders consulting servicesfor environment protection enterprise, industrial zones, and local government,she is now a full time industrial advisor for environment protection industrialzones.


Mrs. Zhang Yan   New Material Industry Consultant

Mrs. Zhang has devoted herself to researchand development of nanophase materials and semiconductor device for 12 years,and was granted a doctor degree of Electronic Engineering by Cambridge. Mrs.Zhang has joined multiple projects sponsored by enterprise and localgovernment, the total research funds is over 20 million pounds. Mrs. Zhang is nowserving as deputy director of the diverse systems integration laboratory at theUniversity of Cambridge, member of Institute of Physics, the Institution ofEngineering and Technology in the UK, and Materials Research Society in the US.


Mrs. Chu Xiangqiang   New Material Industry Consultant

With 17 years of study and researchexperience in biophysics field, Mrs. Chu has become an expert at nuclearphysics, biophysics, and nanometer materials, who has solid theoreticalfoundation and rich experience in research, and was granted a doctor degree ofnuclear science and technology by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mrs.Chu is a former researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the UnitedStates, and currently works as assistant professor and doctoral tutor at WayneState University of the U.S.


Mr. Wang haolan   New Material Industry Consultant

Mr. Wang started his career in advanced materialindustry 26 year ago, who has been granted a doctor degree of engineering bythe University of Cambridge. Mr. Wang is a specialist in the area of nanometer,super-capacitance, and lithium ion battery industry, and led the “Peacock Plan”sponsored by Shenzhen government. Mr. Wang has obtained more than 10international and domestic patents. Mr. Wang was a post-doctoral researcher ofengineering at the University of Cambridge, supervisor of innovation center ofShenzhen Bronze Technologies Inc., and currently the cofounder and vicepresident of Shenzhen InteBridge Capital Inc.


Mr. Xiong Zikai   Medicine & Medicare Industry Consultant

Mr. Xiong has been engaged in life andhealth industry for more than 17 years after granted a doctor degree ofgenomics by the University of Cambridge. Mr. Xiong maintains a deepunderstanding toward the investment of health, Medicine & Medicare, andgained abundant experiences at the management of foreign and domesticenterprise. Mr. Xiong was appointed as senior manager of Roland Berger andBayer Health Care, and is currently a senior director of Genetron Health(Beijing)Co., Ltd.


Mrs. Wang Wei   BiologicalMedicine Industry Consultant

Mrs. Wang has started her career in lifesciences 17 years, who had been granted a doctor degree of genomics by WellcomeTrust Sanger Institute. Mrs. Wang is an expert at molecular biology, genetics,and immunology, and was conducting genomics research at Kymab in the UK andcarrying out vaccine research at Novartis. Mrs. Wang is now serving as theR&D director and leading the research of therapeutic antibody at IntegratedR & D Services.