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Beijing Guohua Huijin Asset Management Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive investment Management company, which possesses outstanding power at capital organization, investment management, industry research, and risk control. The core management team consists of elite comes from major state-owned financial enterprises and scientific research institutions, such as CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd, CITIC Securities, China Credit TrustCo., Ltd, Zhongrong International Trust Co., Ltd, Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd, etc.


Guohua Huijin focuses on new high-techenterprise investment, and commits itself to investment on technological achievements transfer and application. We invest mainly on areas like biological medicine, energy & EP, new material, advanced manufacturing, aerospaceand so on. We possess an outstanding “Cambridge consultant team”, inland andoverseas project and funds resources, which allowing us to form a closed-circus business model that making it possible for us to develop into a leadingfinancial company at the area of new high-tech enterprise investment.