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Mr. Bai Guihua   President

Mr. Bai has been working in financialindustry for 24years, and has a deep understanding about fixed incomeinvestment, equity investment, and credit-equity investment via trust andfunds. Mr. Bai is good at project investment, asset management (operated over100 projects and funds amounted over 30 billion Yuan), risk control and badasset disposal. Mr. Bai was the operation manager of legal department,executive manager of trust department and vice general manager of trust HQ ofBeijing International Trust Co., Ltd.; executive manager of trust department ofChina Credit Trust Co., Ltd.; director, executive officer and investmentcommittee member of a well-known domestic funds management company. Mr. Bai wasgranted a bachelor degree of law by Liaoning University and a master degree oflaw by China University of Political Science and Law.


Mr. Man Chongyu  Vice president/General manager

Mr. Man possesses 13years of financialindustry experience, and has operated more than 60 trust and fund projectscombined with a total asset of 18 billion Yuan. All the projects enriched hiscapacity in financing investment and asset management. Mr. Man was researchengineer of Cambridge semiconductor Inc.; trust HQ assistant manager, trustmanagement HQ assistant manager, PE business HQ investment manager and realestate financing HQ trust executive manager of Beijing International trust Co.,Ltd.; senior trust manager of Avic trust Inc. Mr. Man was granted a masterdegree of electronic engineering by the University of Cambridge.


Mr. Laiyun  Executive president

Mr. Lai is specialized in investment,M&A, operation and management of commercial real estate, Mr. Lai startedhis career in real estate in 1998, and he has operated and completed more than20 big-or –middle-sized urban complex projects successfully with a total areaof 3 million square meters. All the works have enriched his operationexperience and sharpened his incisive industry analyses. Mr. Lai was directorand vice president of Beijing Guangyao Dongfang commercial investment Co.,Ltd.; investment vice president of an well-known domestic funds managementcompany; director and vice president of Beijing Wufang Tianya capitalinvestment management Co., Ltd.; general manager of Heilongjiang Lanxi WufangTianya Real Estate Development Company; president of Heilongjiang Anda XinghuiReal Estate Development Co., Ltd.


Mrs. Chen Dongmei  Executive President

With more than 16 years of experience in financialmanagement, investment and financing operation, Mrs. Chen is proficient in analysisof a variety of industry’s core competitiveness, investment value and risk, andfamiliar with the rules of capital market inland and abroad. Mrs. Chen is goodat designing reasonable financing structure and efficient internal operationand control management system. Mrs. Chen was the former CFO of a CDB subordinateequity investment company; executive general manager of equity investment fundDept. of Shanghai Fosuncapital. Mrs. Chen was granted a master degree ofadministrative by Renmin University of China.


Mr. Cai Huiting  Executive President

Mrs. Cai has abundant of the practical and practical experience in private fund, marketing,strategic analyses and financial training. She taught EMBA class for many yearsand also took part in classes such as marking strategy, new media marketing,multinational enterprise development. Mrs. Cai was a professor at NationalCheng Kung University of Taiwan, general manager of Taiwan Xin Dianyue Inc.,full time trainer for CNPC Training Center. Mrs. Cai was granted a doctordegree of Administrative by University of Cambirdge, two master degrees byOxford and London School of Economics and Political Science respectively.


Mr. Liu Lin  Supervisor of Legal Dept.

Mrs. Liu has been worked in financialindustry for 16 years, Engaged in litigation and non-litigation legal matersregarding to real estate, financing, insurance, guarantee, securities, servedfor known large-scale enterprises. With solid legal foundations and richpractical experience, Mrs. Liu worked as a full time layer at Zhongwen Law Firmand Horizon Law Firm.Mrs. Liu was granted a doctor degree of law in MinzuUniversity of China.


Mr. Shao Yue  CFO

Mr. Shao possesses more than 20 years offinancial work experience, and has engaged in accounting works in almost allkinds of financial companies. At the same time Mr. Shao has taken part inmultiple private equity investment and real estate trust projects. Mr. Shao wasthe executive manager of Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd, deputy financialmanager of Cinda New Wealth Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Shao is a qualifiedaccountant and was granted a master degree of financial by Renmin University ofChina.


Mrs. Deng Xingfang  Executive President

Mrs. Deng has been worked in financialindustry for 11 years, She is familiar with financial product regarding fixedreturn fund, public offering of fund, private fund, overseas hedge fund and PEfund. Mrs. Deng was CEO of Beijing Junhe Wealth Management Limited, supervisorof Wealth Management Shanghai Howbuy Investment Management Limited, seniorWealth Management manager of China Galaxy Securities. Mrs. Deng possesses a master’sdegree in Central University of Finance And Economics.


Mr. Liu Zhiqiang  Executive President

Mr. Liu has been worked in the area ofsecurities for 7 years, who is devoted himself to make researches on capital marketinvestment, and has shown an extraordinary ability in industry research and investmentportfolio management. Mr. Liu was a business manager at asset trust departmentof ICBC, senior manager at securities investment department of CITICSecurities. Mr. Liu was granted a master degree by Renmin University of China.


Mrs. Qin Yongzhuan  Investment Manager

Mrs. Qin possesses a ten years of practiceat internet technology industry, and is very familiar with TMT and educationindustry. Mrs. Qin had rendered legal service for IPO projects and real estate, financial enterprises. She was the deputy manager of Chengdu Ruidao AipuEducation Co., Ltd, president assistant at Shenzhen Uway Technology Co., Ltd,full time layer at Beijing Jingwei Law Firm. Mrs. Qin was granted a masterdegree of law by Konstanz University.


Mrs. Ding Yuanyuan  Investment Manager

Mrs. Ding has been worked in legal andfinancial industry for 5 years, and has gained professional skills and atfinancial practice with profound legal foundation. Mrs. Ding has served as a lawyerat  Hylands Law Firm. Mrs. Ding wasgranted an economy bachelor degree by Lanzhou University and a master degree oflaw by Peking University.


Mr. Xiang Biao  Investment Manager

With multiple years of work experience infinancial industry, Mr. Xiang has become skilled at law, accounting, investmentanalyses, etc. He also has strengthen himself at private equity investment andsecurities investment. Mr. Xiang was granted a master degree by CentralUniversity of Finance and Economics.